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GhostRacing ShellBag - Waterproof

GhostRacing ShellBag - Waterproof

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Introducing the ShellBag - the ultimate motorcycle bag designed for riders who demand both style and functionality. This sleek, aerodynamic bag boasts a waterproof carbon fiber optic exterior, combining cutting-edge design with practical durability. Weighing in as a lightweight companion for your journey, the ShellBag is perfect for carrying a second helmet, ensuring you're always prepared for your riding adventures.

Equipped with two securing clasps, this bag provides a secure and snug fit for your belongings, giving you peace of mind while on the road. Whether you're navigating city streets or cruising down the highway, the ShellBag not only complements your ride with its modern aesthetic but also ensures that your gear stays protected from the elements. Elevate your motorcycle experience with the ShellBag - where style meets substance on every journey.

Technical Specifications:


  • Length: 31 cm
  • Width: 28 cm
  • Height: 46 cm


  • 1800g


  • Waterproof

Designed with precision and engineered for the modern rider, the ShellBag combines sleek aesthetics with practical specifications. With a compact yet spacious build, measuring 31x28x46 cm, and weighing in at a mere 1800g, it offers the perfect balance between form and function. The ShellBag's waterproof feature ensures that your belongings stay dry and protected, no matter the weather conditions. Embrace the future of riding accessories with the ShellBag, where innovation meets reliability on every journey.


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Protect your gear with confidence: interlocking zippers for lock support and a waterproof exterior shell, ensuring security and weather resistance on-the-go.


Empower your journey with ease – an integrated charging port for seamless connectivity, keeping your devices fueled while on the move.


Experience comfort on the move with breathable mesh back padding. Locking buckles ensure security, making every journey enjoyable and stress-free.

Be Bold

ShellBag: Effortlessly sleek, waterproof armor for your gear, embodying style and functionality in every adventure.

Be Unique

Lightweight prowess, futuristic design—your ride's perfect companion, blending style and utility with waterproof confidence.